Planes landing at BWI may not be the only things flying over Severn, according to

On Dec. 18, a Maryland resident noticed seven strange lights hovering over Quarterfield Road, resembling “an upside-down cone.” The UFO “witness” then filed the sighting to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), according to the article.

According to the official case file, No. 34203, submitted to MUFON, the resident said the strange lights “stretched from the tree-line to high in the air.”

“[The lights] looked very similar to the big dipper. After a few minutes, it slightly changed shape and was more in a line again. I drove down Telegraph Road and took a short video of it through the trees, then pulled down past Severn Run,” according to the official case file.

MUFON ranks Maryland as one of the lowest reporting states when it comes to UFO sightings, according to The Examiner.

Did you see the strange lights hovering over Severn? Tell us in the comments!


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Resident Reports UFO Sighting Over Severn ‎