Did you have a UFO Sighting yesterday?  Did you see a mysterious craft 30 years ago?  The Black Vault wants to hear from you!  No matter what the sighting was - we invite you to document your encounter.  There are two options to do so...

Option #1: The EASY Way!

The easiest way, is to simply email me directly at  This will automatically create an alert for me to your sighting, and I will get it added to the database.

or Option #2: The SOCIAL WAY!

There is an amazing feature here called The Black Vault's Case File Database.  Here, you can archive your UFO sighting, and it will go into a database of tons of other cases.  Although if you choose option #1 above, it will end up here anyway, this option will allow it to be linked to our Black Vault account, and allow others to contact you directly.  This is the perferred method if you take advantage of all the social network tools on The Black Vault, like messages, email, and becoming friends with other users.  

To submit your UFO sighting directly to the database, head to:

Here, you can add your case file, upload photos, documents, and much more directly to the databsae.

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