By Steve Hammons

New and possibly significant information has emerged about the 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident that involved U.S. Air Force personnel.

Sedona, Arizona, has been named as a location that may have been identified in a mysterious alleged psychic transmission to one of the Air Force security police officers who claimed to have had a very close encounter with a strange craft in Rendlesham Forest.

Sedona has long been known as not only a magnificently beautiful location drawing visitors from all over the world and serving as a location for many movies since the 1920s, but also the site of various kinds of unusual, and some say uplifting, phenomena.

Located in the central mountain area of Arizona at an elevation of 4,500 feet, Sedona is on the northern edge of the Sonoran Desert region, located between the cities of Phoenix and Flagstaff.

A human presence in the Sedona region reportedly has been documented to between 11500 B.C. and 9000 B.C. More recent native inhabitants, the Sinagua, may have appeared in the region in approximately 650 A.D. and departed in about 1400 A.D., possibly leaving for other locations occupied by the Hopi and Zuni peoples in other parts of Arizona and New Mexico.

But how is Sedona connected to the Rendlesham Forest case?


Many TV viewers, researchers and interested people have recently learned more about the December 1980 incident at a U.S. air base in the UK. The U.S. Air Force facilities there at the time, located at the Royal Air Force Bentwaters base in Suffolk, England, bordered Rendlesham Forest.

Base personnel including several U.S. Air Force security police officers and the deputy base commander reported witnessing and experiencing a puzzling and shocking UFO encounter in Rendlesham Forest after radar indicated an aircraft may have crashed and base personnel responded to the scene.

Former UK Ministry of Defense representative Nick Pope investigated this case years later and reportedly found it to be highly credible.

More recently, two of the former Air Force security policemen, retired Sgt. John Burroughs and Sgt. Jim Penniston, have gone public with their experiences, as has former deputy base commander Col. Charles Halt. Their accounts have been featured in many TV shows and other media platforms, serving to educate and inform the public about this interesting incident.

In even more recent months, one of the security policemen, Penniston, has stated that during one phase of the encounters, he was able to actually walk up and touch the craft, perhaps not the wisest course of action, yet a brave one by a very curious military police officer. Or, perhaps he was drawn to it for some reason.

However, he kept one element of the encounter private for years: When he touched the object, his mind was filled with overwhelming light and the visualization of a long series of zeros and ones, which he later learned seemed to be a binary code, such as that used in modern-day digital technology.

After these zeros and ones kept entering his mind following the confusing encounter and after subsequent interrogation by U.S. government investigators, he found that writing the zeros and ones out in a notebook was helpful in clearing his mind of this puzzling series of numbers.

Years later, those zeros and ones in Penniston’s notebook have been the subject of attempted interpretation. Among other reported apparent partial sentences and messages contained in the binary code, there were seven sets of geographic latitude and longitude coordinates, including one set that turned out to be a location in the vicinity of Sedona.

The city of Sedona is at 34°51′36″N, 111°47′21″W, though the exact coordinates in the binary code may not be exactly within the city limits.

In addition to the Sedona area, the other coordinates reportedly are linked to an ancient city in Central America; a location in South America; Giza, Egypt; a Greek island; a location in China; and the site of a reported ancient and sunken island off the west coast of Ireland known as Hy-Brasil which appeared on mariners’ maps in the 1400s, 1500s and 1600s.


Sedona is known around the world as a place of immense beauty and the region is often referred to as “Red Rock Country.” Towering rugged red rock formations create a scene that is both awe-inspiring and strangely comforting for many people, residents and visitors alike.

The red rock formations and equally red earth there are due to high iron content. It has been reported that this high iron content, combined with deposits of quartz in the region, may contribute to some type of electro-magnetic or other physics-related phenomena that is not fully understood.

The several so-called energy “vortexes” or fountains in the area are alleged to contribute to feelings of well-being and insight for some people. Visitors often seek out these vortex locations for thoughtful meditation and out of curiosity – just to see if there is any truth to claims about these sites.

Sedona is an upscale community full of high-end homes and resorts. Numerous art galleries featuring western art also draw many visitors there. Annual cultural events such as the Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona Jazz on the Rocks festival, and the Sedona Bluegrass Festival are just some of the other activities that provide great reasons to visit the area.

Oak Creek meanders through the Oak Creek Canyon north of town and through the heart of Sedona. Visitors often find Slide Rock State Park on the creek a fun place for kids to wade, swim and slide down the cascading waterway.

Surrounding Sedona is the Coconino National Forest and north of the city is the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness Area. The National Park Service has created and maintains a wonderful system of trails throughout the area suitable for hikers of all kinds. Arizona state parks are also nearby.

Ancient Native American ruins can be found in the region, and some say the spirits of the ancients still smile on Sedona, reportedly regarded as a special place by regional native peoples, past and present.

UFOs and other odd encounters have been reported by residents and visitors to Sedona over the years. There have even been stories of mysterious U.S. military activity in the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness Area and strange incidents there.

Now that Sedona has surfaced as part of the Rendlesham Forest incident, one of the most significant UFO encounters in recent history, it might be helpful to consider all the elements that combine in Sedona – geologic, geographic, demographic, cultural, historical and metaphysical.

Can we expect something interesting to happen in Sedona in the future, or is the identification of that location connected to our ancient past? Or both?


Update by author 11/16/2013: (This last location reportedly is the subject of some discussion, with one interpretation identifying the location as the town of Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, near where the Rendlesham Forest incident occurred, not Hy-Brasil. The reported discrepancy is apparently based on different interpretations of Penniston's handwritten zeros and ones.)

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  •  Eldensword: 

    I can vouch for the very real and troubling decision to hold back information from other people. Some experiences or portions of experiences are extremely personal. And let's face it, this genre is LOADED with redicule and labelling. I'd bet that if Penniston held back some deets, there may be one or two others involved that may have as well. It's perfectly understandble from where I'm standing do to so. Not all humans are experiencers,  and the experiencers don't "owe" their stories and exeperiences to everyone IMO.

     267 days ago 
    2 points
  •  Greenman42: 

    I have heard of Penniston's claim to recieving binery code into his head after his incident at  Rendlesham Forest in 1980. Although I totally believe it, I dont believe the binery part. He has had years to put that fact together. Dont get me wrong. I dont mean any disrespect to the guy. I am not anybody and my view does not matter. Just my view.

     281 days ago 
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