A video clip shot over ten years ago that shows what might be a UFO of alien/extraterrestrial origin has finally been released onto the Internet.
The remarkable film, seen below, shows what seems to be a triangular UFO almost land in a wilderness area before zooming of at breakneck speed, possibly because its occupants became aware they were being watched and filmed.

The clip was supposedly filmed with a pre-digital video camera.

The witness has chosen to remain anonymous and nothing is known about the location the clip was filmed in.

UFO Experts are now analyzing the footage. Some are suggesting that this constitutes clear proof of alien visitation, while others have suggested that this might be a modern fake using computer generated graphics.
What do you think?

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  •  sustayne: 
    When I went to view it, it had been removed by the user. I request it be put back up. If that cannot happen, I request a copy of it for my persoanl use only or, failing that, perhaps stills from the footage can be made public again. Thank you.
     574 days ago 
    1 point
  •  TheMarkedOne: 
    if it was pre digital, I wouldn't even hesitate to believe it.
     1206 days ago 
    1 point
  •  MrZorg: 
    I saw this video years ago. It's really insane looking. So quick...
     1208 days ago 
    1 point
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12.24.2010 (1216 days ago)
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