American paranormal website All News Web said that US President Barack Obama would be making comments soon about US contact with aliens.

The comments about UFO visits and other extra-terrestrial contact would be made within the next month, it claimed.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the research and development office for the US Department of Defense, was said to have given the go-ahead for the announcement.

Other governments could also announce within the next three years that they had previous contact with aliens.

In an unrelated article, UFO website said that Earth's ozone layer could only be saved by aliens using advanced technology. It also claimed that the world's leaders would have to admit that aliens existed in return for their help.


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  •  Torva: 
    Unfortunately, this doesn't look legitimate enough for me... :/
     909 days ago 
    0 points
  •  dirtduster51: 
    if i hear of it' when he does. then. i'll believe it. till then i know it. most of you all dont.
     993 days ago 
    1 point
  •  straydogg10: 
    We all know that we've been set-up for this from the get-go, they keep all this stuff secret till they can't keep it a secret anymore and then let it all out to the public like it's brand new, news!
     1121 days ago 
    0 points
  •  281heavy: 
    Asia One looks like the Asian version of National Enquirer
     1195 days ago 
    -1 point
  •  sj_ruiz: 
    Does anybody fact-check this stuff?
     1198 days ago 
    5 points
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01.03.2011 (1207 days ago)
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