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Early this week I reported what is supposed to be the first crop formation in Brazil in this new season. It was found on October 31 at 2:45 pm in a wheat crop near the city of Bom Jesus, in the west of state of Santa Catarina. It can be easily seen by people passing by the highway SC 467, only some 300-400 m from the formation. The road has heavy traffic and is used day and night. It is actually comprised of two circles, one 14 m in diameter and another, smaller, 4.5 m in diameter.


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The reason why crop formations supposedly authored by non-terrestrial intelligences are such a big item to Brazilian UFO researchers is because this is a very new phenomenon in my country. Despite the fact that all sorts of formations have been found initially in England and now in over 30 countries in the world since the 80s, in Brazil we have “never” registered any single case of a crop formation prior to 2008.


This is very intriguing because, assuming that the phenomena is connected to UFOs – I believe it is –, we have to wonder why Brazil has never had one single case in over 3 decades of great activity of crop formations in so many countries, since it has contributed to the worldwide UFO scenario in so many ways and with so many cases. Why not a single crop formation here in three decades?


In previous years I have reported in this List the first occurrences of these phenomena in my country, which I have personally pursued and investigated since the very beginning:


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About this new occurrence in Bom Jesus, again I decided to go to the location to investigate the case by myself, so I drove to that town last Friday, on November 4th. It is some 300 miles from where I live. Almost arriving my destination I was informed by phone that another and very fresh crop formation has just been found in that very morning, November 4th, in the city of Ouro Verde, some 10 miles north from Bom Jesus. I went there immediately.


This new formation is some 2 km away from Ouro Verde downtown, which is really a small city, and was found by an employee of the City Hall looking through the window. It can be seen from almost all the city. The formation is 14 m in diameter, precisely circular in shape and with the plants inside of it bended in a counter clockwise spiraled format. Its center is very visible and it is an impressive figure. The formation is some 400 m from the nearest dirty farm road and can be reached after some 10-15 minutes walk through the crop.


Surrounding the circular figure there is a “wall” of intact, untouched plants, like a border of it, some 100-120 cm thick. And after it there is a ring of bended plants also in counter clockwise direction, same thickness. What is very interesting and is already a pattern in these cases is that the bending area is _very_ precise. It means that where the bended plants area touches the intact plants area, there is no sign of damaged plants or partially bended plants. It is, either they are bended or they are intact.


The formation is located in the top of a very short hill, in a 5-10 degrees ascended terrain, in a wheat crop just ready to be harvested. I was one of the first persons to enter the figure, accompanied by agriculture technician Adalberto Fegalli, from the Agriculture Office of State of Santa Catarina, a public servant interested in this subject that I invited to join me.


See fresh photos of Ouro Verde crop formation here:


See small note about Ouro Verde crop formation here:  


I haven’t taken any samples of soil and plants to analyze due to the fact that when I did it in the previous years I haven’t been able to persuade any laboratory to exam them. However, I have tried to use my cell phone (an iPhone 3GS) inside and nearby the formation, as I have successfully done in previous years. That whole region doesn’t have any single station of my cellular operator, Tim, and therefore I wasn’t supposed to have signal in my phone. But I did, yet not enough to originate a call or send a text message. Walking away from the formation, the signal disappears fast.


In 2009, while investigating an amazing triangular crop formation in the near city of Ipuaçu, where these phenomena started in Brazil, I was able to have good signal in my cell (an iPhone 3G then) and actually did several phone calls from inside of it. On that year there wasn’t any cellular operator at all in that vast region of the state of Santa Catarina, especially that area. But you could call and receive calls from inside the formation, as I and many other people did.


So far we have had some 20 cases of crop formations in Brazil in the last four years, and some easily detectable hoaxes. They are all concentrated in the same area in the state of Santa Catarina with a few non confirmed ones in other states. It is yet not known why these phenomena are all located in that area, literally appearing away from great centers or in vast populated areas in other parts of Brazil.


In this trip alone I have driven some 650 miles in 36 hours to evaluate these two cases, Bom Jesus and Ouro Verde, and spoke with dozens of people looking for info, details and possible witnesses of strange luminous phenomena possible connected to the formation, as I successfully found in 2008 and 2009 cases. I keep searching. I am no expert in this kind of cases, but I am considering developing a line of research of them apart from the rest I do in Ufology. It means also get properly equipped to investigate the formations.


It seems that the crop formation phenomena in Brazil happen in the same timeframe every year since the beginning of them, from late October to mid-November. So did the previous cases I analyzed. Despite the fact that I have a small trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, this next Wednesday, lasting till November 16th, I have settled a team of researchers to keep that area under observation for future cases and report immediately if they happen.


Although these intriguing crop formations supposedly authored by non-terrestrial intelligences are a big item to Brazilian ufologists, I am afraid, however, that very few have decided to investigate them in locu, as I have done, and there is yet some skepticism towards them, curiously originated from those who didn’t find interesting to check them out personally.


Have all a great Sunday.


A. J. Gevaerd

Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine

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