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For the first time ever, the eyewitness in one of the world's most intriguing and least known UFO cases speaks out in public about his terrifying encounter with aliens in a dark forest near Cisco Grove, California. In the new book "Aliens in the Forest: The Cisco Grove UFO Encounter," researchers Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte tell the amazing story of a night in 1964 when California hunter Donald Shrum faced his own personal "War of the Worlds." The book retails for $14.95 and is available at and from most major online book sellers, including Amazon.

This stranger-than-fiction event took place in the ruggedly scenic foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the Tahoe National Forest. Into this remote wilderness stepped the 26-year-old Shrum, who planned to enjoy a relaxing weekend hunting deer with his bow and arrows. As he entered the forest, joking and laughing with his two hunting buddies, little did Shrum suspect that shortly he would be locked in the midst of a terrifying 12-hour struggle with alien forces. Armed only with his wits and one of mankind's most primitive weapons, Shrum expended every ounce of his strength in an all-night battle against invaders that seemed bent on overtaking him and carrying him away to a fate worse than death.

This is the story that the world has been waiting for decades to hear. Because he worked for a company that made missiles for the U.S. military, the eyewitness never revealed his true identity in connection with his UFO encounter until now. This is first and only fully authorized account ever written about this astonishing UFO incident. This UFO case was called "the most spectacular report we have examined" by Coral Lorenzen of the Aerial Phenomenon Investigation Committee (APRO). Paul Cerny of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) said, "There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this incident is factual and authentic. I have spent considerable time plus many visits with the main witness, and along with the testimony of the other witnesses, I can rule out any possibility of a hoax."

The telling of this incredible tale for the first time ever is with the full cooperation and permission of Shrum, the key eyewitness, his wife Judi, and their son Dan. Mrs. Shrum, in the book's foreword, writes, "After all these years and for the first time ever, we are disclosing in this book the entire story of my husband’s amazing UFO encounter in hopes that others may learn from it, that others may finally know precisely what happened to us, and that perhaps, even so many years after the fact, somehow we might be able to gain additional insight into exactly what did happen in that dark forest."

The idea for this book was conceived a few years ago, when author Ruben Uriarte spend several days as a guest of Don Shrum and his wife Judi. Uriarte, who is the state director for Northern California for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) said, "I was able to conduct in-depth interviews with both Donald and Judi. For the first time, I heard the intriguing, heart-pounding story of Donald’s encounter with the aliens in its entirety and directly from the eyewitness himself. As I listened intently, Donald and Judi gave a full account of Don's incredible experience."

Uriate became fully convinced of the legitimacy of Shrum's story. "As the interview continued, I carefully observed and studied Don's expressions as he recounted his incredible tale of outwitting the aliens and avoiding capture. I could see on Don's face that he was still very troubled by this frightful experience even after so many years had elapsed."

During the interview, Shrum showed Uriarte the 60-pound bow with which he fired arrows at the aliens and the water canteen that he threw down at them. One of the humanoids picked up the canteen, examined it carefully, and then threw it back down, seemingly uninterested. Uriarte said, "Holding that very same canteen in my own hand, I was struck by the realization that it had previously been touched by a being from another world. I wondered what the visitors’ agenda had been. Had they specifically targeted Mr. Shrum for abduction or was he just a chance specimen that wandered across their path? Had they previously abducted other humans?"

In September 1964, Donald Shrum experienced his very own “War of the Worlds,” utilizing the most primitive of tools to battle a foe whose technology was obviously far beyond Earth’s. During his encounter, Shrum used a pine tree for cover, used man’s most primitive ally - fire - to keep the aliens at bay, used simple weaponry - a bow and arrow - to stymie the opponents, and, in the end, his low-tech resistance against a technologically superior foe proved successful. Whereas the aliens might have been able to prevent guns from firing and may have been able to cause other kinds of electromagnetic disruptions, the visitors apparently had no answer for the basic force of fire and the simplicity of bow and arrows.

"After spending much time researching this case and talking to the Shrums, I totally believe that Donald’s heroic experience is completely true and fully authentic," Uriarte said. "I completely endorse it as a factual, believable, true event."

Readers of this amazing new book should prepare themselves for an astonishing true story that injects them directly into the middle of a horrifying nightmare come to life and is far more bizarre than any science fiction novel ever could be.

Authors Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte are active members of the UFO research community with many years of experience investigating UFO cases in the Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico. Their research has appeared on the History Channel's UFO Hunters and UFO Files TV shows. Their first book, "Mexico’s Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash," published in 2007, received wide critical acclaim and was the basis for a February 2008 episode of UFO Hunters, in which the authors appeared. The authors have also appeared frequently on many other UFO-related TV and radio shows and have spoken at many conferences and events.

The new book includes over 60 photos, diagrams, sketches, and maps and features art work by noted science-fiction author and illustrator Neil Riebe, as well as a striking front cover illustration by artist Joe Calkins. "Aliens in the Forest" can be purchased from Amazon at the following URL: ...

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