Albany, NY - December 14, 2011 - A new video analysis of the RFK assassination entitled "RFK Speaks from the Grave" reveals a well-rehearsed cabal of operatives using stealthy pre-arranged signals and timing sequences to walk RFK into a Kill Zone, pointing the Kill Spot out to RFK, and flashing RFK an ancient symbol seconds before he is shot. The findings are gleaned from analyzing the historic RFK assassination film and may be viewed at According to discoverer Daniel Forant, the analysis will resurrect RFK'S assassination and rocket the case for a second shooter.

"Two researchers Dr. Robert Joling and Philip Van Praag and other forensic specialists like the ones in a June 2007 ‘Discovery Channel' special argue that the shot that killed Kennedy had to come from the rear. Sirhan was in front of Kennedy," Forant said. "My video exposes a cabal of men pushing RFK like a cheap deer toward other hunters pre-positioned to kill him from behind. The human hunt is on IndieGoGo."

About IndieGoGo

IndieGoGo is the world's largest global funding platform where Forant is raising the money needed to transform his video analysis into a major film documentary. Donators at receive unique RFK-ish Perks, named after RFK'S eleven children, in exchange for contributions.

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If you'd like more information about RFK Speaks from the Grave, or to schedule an interview with Daniel Forant, please call Dan at 518-522-3710 or e-mail Dan at

Daniel Forant
Phone: 518-522-3710

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