WASHINGTON (AP) — NASA says the International Space Station has lost contact with NASA controllers in Houston. Officials say the six crew members and station are fine and they expect to fix the problem soon.

NASA spokesman Josh Byerly said something went wrong around 9:45 a.m. EST Tuesday during a computer software update on the station. The outpost abruptly lost all communication, voice and command from Houston.

About an hour later, while flying over Russia, station commander Kevin Ford was able to briefly radio Moscow that all was well and they were working on the problem.

Byerly said the problem should be fixed today. Until then, astronauts can talk with Moscow control for a few minutes every 90 minutes.

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    Losing control over communication is not the worst thing that could happen what is "so amazing" is that there is all this "loose junk" flying around in space and they have engaged in putting more junk up there, some of them have been "blown up" by Chinese anti sat weapons, and here we are thinking that the "SPACE STATION" is safe, but all that junk some of which may have flying on opposite trajectories, and if that were to "impinge" on an object at "astronomical speeds" a bolt would just "CUT RIGHT THROUGH" the Space station and come out at the other end, these are things that "need to be addressed" before and not after a "real serious situation" develops, NO MORE SPACE JUNK, otherwise we might decide to clean up our own space up there so that there will be less chance of loss of life in space!
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