By Dennis Dufrene,


What is flying over Quincy, Massachusetts and why?


During the past several weeks aircraft have been flying low and slow circling over Quincy, Massachusetts. However, no one knows why. No one except the federal government, that is, and they are not divulging any details about the recent aerial activity.


However, the recent activity has local residents concerned if their safety is at risk. Has the government heightened its domestic aerial surveillance and if so, why over Quincy, MA specifically? Unfortunately, the few facts derived from eyewitness accounts leave more questions than answers.


The aircraft have been flying nearly every night for the past few weeks except on nights when it has been extremely cloudy or rainy. It has been reported by witnesses that the aircraft begin their flights around dusk and continue throughout the night until dawn.


All the while the aircraft steadily loop from one end of the area to the other. However, no one is saying why.


Local officials, such as the City Councilman and the Mayor, are in the dark as to what is going. Both men state when they posed their questions to the FAA the only answers they received in return was, “I can’t tell you that.” So it seems the FAA is well aware, but is being tight-lipped.


Just What Is Flying Overhead?


There have been some theories that have been proposed and rejected since the flying began.


It has been questioned whether the aircraft were drones being flown over the city. However, an unnamed source confided to the local CBS affiliate that the aircraft were not unmanned drones. Furthermore, FAA spokesman Jim Peters stated:


“It’s not a drone. It’s an authorized flight and we are aware of it."


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