MARIE Williams says she feels free from the spirits which plagued her home.

After reading about her plight, celebrity psychic Derek Acorah came to Wearside to cleanse the Victorian house in Toward Road, Hendon.

“The first day after Derek’s visit was horrible,” said mother-of-six Marie.

“It was like they were going from room to room, trashing them.

“Each time we tidied one up, there were bangs and crashes and they’d knock down furniture in another room.

“The children also heard growling in the kitchen.

“It was like the poltergeists were having a last-minute hissy fit.

“Then on Sunday night, I have never known the house so quiet.

“There is still a bit of an atmosphere, but it’s peaceful.”

Last week the Echo revealed that Marie, 34, and her children – Callum, 15, Kaitlin, 13, Cameron, nine, twins Hannah and Charlotte, six and Harvey, 18 months – had been left terrified by the ghosts of two small girls and a man.

A full-time carer for Harvey who has chronic lung disease, Marie claimed the trio of ghosts had trashed rooms, locked her in the kitchen, thrown objects in the house and had even scratched her neck.

Unexplained pools of water have also appeared in the terraced home, and Marie said she and the children have seen the spirits disappear into walls and in mirrors.

During his visit to the house, Derek said: “Someone on this street has used a ouija board-like instrument to open the portal to the other side. That allows spirits to come to the house.”

The psychic, who is best known for appearing on TV show Most Haunted, sealed off the front doors as well as sealing a portal he says he located in the living room.

He sprinkled rock salt at each site, which he says spirits cannot cross, and crystals to bring purity.

A candle was placed at each door as Derek and Marie joined hands to say the “prayer of invocation.”

Marie added: “People have made comments on the Echo website about me wanting a new council house. But this is a house I rent from a private landlord.

“This has never been about moving. I came to the Echo as a last-ditch attempt because I didn’t want to be forced to move.

“I’ve done this house up to how I want it and I don’t want to move and unsettle the children.”

She added: “The people who have helped us from the beginning – Sean Roper, Mike Halliwell and Steve Taylor – have been fantastic and have never asked for a penny.

“I was surprised by the positive response too, from people wanting to help.

“I think the biggest thing has been Derek coming to the house. I hope we can stay here now.”

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