NORTHRIDGE (BlackVault) – October 30, 2011 – You couldn’t ask for a better textbook case of a cover-up.  It happened just weeks ago, and adds to one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle to solving the UFO mystery.

It all started in early September of 2011, when author and journalist Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post began writing an article on The Black Vault internet archive, a website devoted to releasing declassified government and military documents to the public all obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Although this online archive deals with a wide array of categories, the scope of Mr. Speigel’s article was highlighting the UFO topic specifically; one of The Black Vault’s most popular since it began in 1996. During the course of the interview, Mr. Speigel asked John Greenewald, The Black Vault’s founder and sole-operator, about the most damning documented evidence of a UFO cover-up.

“It’s not one or two documents,” Greenewald explained, “it’s actually quite a few of them.  There is not really one ‘smoking gun’ type record that will prove aliens are here.  But what you do have are pieces of a puzzle… pieces that once put together… expose a piece to a much larger puzzle.  It is simply fascinating what the FOIA can reveal, and it is seemingly never-ending.”

Part of the puzzle that Greenewald outlined to the Huffington Post included a 2008 Air Force Instruction labeled AFI 10-206.  Greenewald alleges that this document from only three years ago proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the military does in fact have a solid interest in UFO events –– but they never speak of it. (Reference: )

In the regulation entitled, “Operational Reporting,” chapter 5 outlines procedures for cataloguing different types of sightings, including the third on the list, “Unidentified Flying Objects” or UFOs.  Although this reference to UFOs is not a reference to alien spacecraft, the fact remains that this publication shows that the military does have an interest in the phenomena, whatever it might be.

Greenewald further explains, “Although it may not sound like an important piece to unraveling the UFO enigma; it actually is.  When I started researching this phenomenon fifteen years ago, you quickly learn that the government and military alike dismiss the entire topic, deny any involvement or interest in it, and they claim they could explain the mystery after their official investigation back in 1969 – and haven’t collected anything since. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

The Black Vault website catalogues literally tens of thousands of documents that are well past the 1969 date… and when AFI 10-206 was discovered six years ago by Greenewald (previously dated versions existed prior to the 2008 document) there was now undeniable proof there was an interest.  But how deep did it go?

Upon further investigation, Greenewald uncovered that the reports made under this Air Force document were called CIRVIS, or Communication Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings, reports.  He noted that they are filed and sent to the NORAD installation –which he then found out when he filed a FOIA request for the records – that NORAD was not subject to the FOIA.  This was due to the fact that it was under control by both Canadian and U.S. forces – therefore excluding it from U.S. law. 

But “in good faith” the request was processed under a special NORAD instruction allowing access to their documents, but they claim they found “no records.”

Pushing forward, a simple phone call by Greenewald to the Department of National Defence (DND) in Canada yielded more than 100 pages of UFO / CIRVIS reports. According to NORAD – there was nothing.  According to Canada – there was a pile of records. (Reference: )

Something didn’t seem right to Greenewald, so he pressed on to expose this cover-up.   And when the Huffington Post wanted to spotlight the find – Greenewald was elated. “This was it! Finally a major media outlet could ask important questions, and spotlight a huge piece of the UFO puzzle that really has been ultimately ignored by news media outlets worldwide.  This wasn’t a ‘smoking gun,’ I knew that, but it was the proof that UFOs were of great importance – and now it would be exposed. So that’s what I gave the reporter as ‘proof’ something was going on, whatever it might be.”

This interview with the Huffington Post occurred on September 2nd, 2011, and subsequently a phone call was made to the Pentagon within hours of the initial interview.  Although a message was left with the Pentagon for a comment specifically on the aforementioned AF 10-206 document and it’s reference to “UFOs,” there was no response until after September 6, 2011, when an entirely new version of AFI 10-206 was published by the military.  Only four days after the phone call – and the chapter in question along with 71 other pages – completely vanished. (Reference new AFI 10-206: )

In the most recent version of AFI 10-206, there is absolutely no mention of “UFOs” or “CIRVIS” reports.  The chapter was completely omitted.  In the new release, chapter 5 is entitled, “Hurricane Condition/Tropical Cyclone Conditions of Readiness (HURCON/TCCOR) Reporting.” 

So what happened to the reference? Was it a coincidence that the publication was updated only days after an inquiry was made on that very publication? 

Greenewald was recently asked for an overall reaction, in which he explains, “You know, maybe it was simply a major coincidence.  But do I believe that to be the case? Well, for anyone who knows me, I rarely give an opinion rather than documented fact.  So I will respond with just that.  Although I had no covert or malicious intent, I didn’t mention multiple other documents to the Huffington Post that have ‘CIRVIS’ and ‘UFO’ references. For those who doubt they exist, you can still find these directly from the Air Force.  To name a few, ‘Air Force Manual 10-206, Air Force Reserve Command’ dated 17 January 2006; ‘Air Force Instruction 10-206, HQ United States Air Force Academy’ dated 29 March 2007; ‘Air Force Instruction 10-206, United States Air Forces in Europe’ dated 14 September 2009; Air Force Instruction 10-206, Air National Guard’ dated 19 October 2004; Air Force Manual 10-206, Pacific Air Forces Command’ dated 5 January 2010; and many others all have this reference that was changed on September 6, 2011, just days after that particular document was singled out.  Yes, these manuals I referenced are versions of what appears to be the same document each with a supplemental for different Air Force commands, but there are many others that reference ‘CIRVIS’ reports as well.  My point is that ALL of these went unchanged; none of them were mentioned to the Pentagon by the Huffington Post except the AFI 10-206 document that was completely changed.  So is that all just a coincidence? I think that’s up for the general public to decide.” (Reference: - Once you load the page, search the Air Force’s publication site for “CIRVIS” for a list of all responsive [and current] procedures)

Today, Greenewald presses on with his research.  He says that even though the CIRVIS puzzle is just one of many, he still believes that the truth is out there, and won’t stop until he finally finds it.


For press interviews, lecture requests, or media contact, e-mail John Greenewald, Jr. directly at Contact phone number given upon submitted credentials.

Huffington Post Journalist Lee Speigel,
Original Huffington Post article:

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