The latest UFO sighting to be documented on film was recorded in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 5:18AM.  The news that a UFO was filmed in North America is surprising since most recent UFO sightings have been reported overseas.  However, there have certainly been North American UFO sightings in the past.  A UFO was even spotted in Boston, Massachusetts just a few years ago.  One person who witnessesed the UFO hovering over Toronto, Canada described it as follows:


"A giant hexahedron cluster UFO hovering for approximately 2hrs. over Toronto this morning. This is an intelligent living enttity (a community of living entities) and not a space vehicle such as a spaceship - nonetheless the entity cluster is of alien origin and is able to travel and live in space."


You can view a video of the UFO hovering over Toronto, Canada at the left of this page.  You will be able to enlarge the video to full screen mode.  You can also view other YouTube videos by the user who supplied this particular video.  The video runs more than one hour.  There is also a shorter, 26 minute version available.


Although this particular UFO sighting has not garnered the same attention as the recent UFO hovering over Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.  Read more here: Video: Watch UFO hover over Jerusalem during recent UFO sighting


Other locations of recent UFO sightings include Sweden and South Africa.  Read more here:  Video: New UFO sighting in Sweden (Göteborg) on February 12, 2011 and here:   Examiner reader reports seeing UFO in the sky over Johannesburg, South Africa,

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02.18.2011 (1155 days ago)
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