My newest lecture, "A Common Sense Reality Check on the UFO Phenomenon", will be given next week in Southern California.


Specifically, I will be lecturing in the San Fernando Valley to the UFO & Paranormal Research Society, Los Angeles which meets in Studio City and it is open to everyone to come. There is a $15 at the door charge that goes to the group. It will be on September 17th at 8pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church located at 12355 Moorpark St., Studio City.


I know this list is worldwide, but I did want to send out this announcement for those interested in attending and that are local to the event.


As a courtesy to the group putting on this event, please let them know you'll be attending by visiting their Meetup Group and giving a RSVP You can visit their group page at: and join using your Facebook Login Credentials (which I did).


So you all know, I wrote this presentation to appeal to both those that attend these type of events regularly, and for those just curious about the topic and want to learn more but maybe haven't ventured into the field or to an event. This is tailored to you! :)


Consider it my own take on a "UFOs 101" but with a twist that includes my television work/research as a producer, on-camera appearances, and official declassified government documents that I have received.


I feel it will make you think pretty hard about what is truly going on 'out there'.


Here is the full description:


A Common Sense Reality Check on the UFO Phenomenon: For more than 17 years and since the age of 15, television producer/director John Greenewald, Jr. has investigated government secrets with the use of the Freedom of Information Act. With more than 3,500+ Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to nearly every government and military office that exists, Greenewald will pull together the best evidence of the UFO exsitence. With the use of common sense and the human concept of reality, Greenewald will explore the ins and outs of the phenomena .


John Greenewald, Jr. has been researching the inner workings of the U.S .government for years and has gained access to thousands of records through FOIA requests. Greenewald has publicized these documents through his online archive, The Black Vault, which has become the largest private online collection in the world. Greenewald has been featured on various television programs, has been a published source in print mediums, and has been featured on nationally syndicated radio programs. His first book, Beyond UFO Secrecy, was published in 2002 and has recently been expanded and republished into a second edition.

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John Greenewald to Lecture in Southern California 9/17/13