LOS ANGELES, Nov. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- How many people can say their inventions prove UFOs are real? That's the claim of Hollywood producer J. Herbert Klein in his new book BEYOND HOLLYWOOD: A MEMOIR OF FATE, LUCK, THE UNEXPLAINED, AND LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM. The 296-page book features nearly 100 photos - including many amazing shots of unexplained phenomena.

After a successful career as a producer for stage, screen, and television, during the 1960s Klein entered into a business partnership with film-star-turned-inventor Jon Hall - famous for his roles in 1940s adventure films and the 1950s television program RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE. With Hall, Klein developed revolutionary inventions, including a camera lens he believed could photograph the invisible - UFOs, alien life forms, energy fields, and other unexplained phenomena.

Hall had spent decades developing the photographic equipment - and at one time collaborated with billionaire Howard Hughes on the invention, which they called the square anamorphic lens. As aviators, Hall and Hughes originally developed the lens - which was the still-camera equivalent of CinemaScope - to photograph panoramic images during their flights.

When Hughes moved to Nevada during the early 1960s, Hall sought another business partner - and met Klein in 1964 through their mutual friend Jayne Mansfield. Klein was impressed with Hall's credentials - the former movie star had a long history of groundbreaking inventions, starting with his design for hulls used in PT boats during WWII and extending to the underwater camera equipment he developed for the 1958 voyage of the USS Nautilus, the country's first nuclear submarine.

Over the years, Klein and Hall shot thousands of photographs using cameras outfitted with the square anamorphic lens, and frequently captured images that could only be called out of this world.

The most notable example occurred in 1977, when Klein and Hall witnessed a test flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise at Edwards Air Force Base near the Mojave Desert in California. From his seat in the viewing section, Hall photographed the space shuttle before, during, and after the flight.

When Hall developed the film, he discovered that the photographs included images of what appeared to be energy fields, UFOs, and humanoid forms that had been invisible to the naked eye. Stunned at his discovery, Hall submitted the images to one of the nation's leading manufacturers of photographic equipment  - and the company's experts could find no explanation for the unusual phenomena visible in the photos.

After Hall's death in 1979, Klein put the photos in a safe place - and decided it was a chapter of his life that should remained closed. But that changed when he decided to write his memoir, BEYOND HOLLYWOOD, published in 2011.

"I'm finally ready to share my incredible story with the world," Klein stated recently.

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