By Nina Golgowski, Mail Online

A metallic flying saucer appearing no different from any Sci-Fi movie was allegedly photographed hovering over a historic Southern California barn that’s already famously known for its spooks.

Santee Historical Society researcher Ellen Henry says she was outside taking pictures of the Edgemoor Barn near San Diego when she unknowingly caught the perfectly clear cigar-shaped object hovering in the sky.

'I was constantly looking up and around the area, including the sky's background, so I can get it just right, and not at any time did I see anything in the sky, or heard a sound of an aircraft,' she later wrote with her picture.

It wasn't until she uploaded the picture onto her computer that the 'speck,' previously seen on her camera’s view screen, became much more, sending her chills.

'Why was it there? What was it doing? …the next time I come here, the barn will be beamed up!' Henry later told 10News.

Adding to her fright, she says her camera immediately stopped working after taking the photo.

Though the mysterious sighting is said to be the first in the skies above the historic 1913 barn, it's not the first to send shivers on the ground.

The Santee Historical Society says they often receive reports of ghost sightings, the number of instances often drawing paranormal investigators to investigate.

'We think someone's come into the barn and we get up to look, and no one is there,' Elaine Murphy, president of the Santee Historical Society, told 10News.

'Santee's Old Edgemoor Hospital, was a place of healing, home, and inevitably last rights,' the historical society writes on their website.

'Many people died on this property, the exact number is not known. Even before the hospital and it's buildings were demolished, accounts of the paranormal were reported.'

They keep a collection of sightings, including audio and video footage, on their website.

As for the UFO, the barn is situated under several flight paths leading to obvious suspicions that it could very well be a military or civilian aircraft.

But public airport Gillespie Field and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar both couldn't explain the sighting to 10News.

'...being from a military background I am familiar with these types of air crafts, and at this point the closest aircraft that is often mistaken for a UFO are the Stealth Fighter Bombers, and that was definitely not one,' Henry wrote.

'Someone did mention perhaps it was a drone, however I have not seen any drones that were round, or oval, and lacking wings, rudders, or propellers, even the drone that looks like a fly has wings.'


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    A very impressive shot, considering it was by accident!
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