By Gillian Provan

18 January 2011

Hamilton stargazer reveals UFO sighting

Hamilton: Could it become the next UFO hotspot? Pic: © STV


Spooky lights in a night sky have left one Hamilton resident asking if there is something extra-terrestrial out there.


Tom Scott reported seeing a strange star like object passing through the sky when he was out with his granddaughter.


Reporting the eerie lights on the UK UFO sightings website, the Hamilton man explained he was perplexed by what he saw at 6pm on Thursday January 6.


Tom said: "I was outside our back door with my granddaughter pointing out the star Sirius to the south when a star like object passed just above Sirius.


"It was about twice as large and twice as bright. At first I thought it was a plane coming out of Glasgow Airport to the west but there were no strobes and no sound."


The Hamilton man said the object kept on travelling south easterly for a few more seconds before coming to a stop in line with the top of a tree at the bottom of his garden.


Strange lights


Tom added: "At this point I then thought it might be the police helicopter. I grabbed my binoculars and it still appeared just like a large star - constant brightness and no strobes or sound.


"After about 10 seconds of being stationery the object took off south east at a faster rate than it had originally been travelling at."


Residents in Chester reported a similar sighting on the website at around the same time.


UFO expert and author Ron Halliday said: "There are all kinds of things in the sky, such as space debris or aeroplanes, which can be explained away.


"But if this gentleman saw it stop, change direction and speed off again, then it rules out those obvious possibilities. It is quite peculiar and it certainly does fit the pattern of lights in the sky that are often reported."


The author, whose books include UFO Scotland and Edinburgh After Dark, believes Scotland is now a haven of UFO activity.


Ron continued: "I wonder what on earth that could be? It seems that the phenomenon appears to be widespread across Scotland.


"There haven't been a great deal of sightings reported in the Hamilton area, but often different UFO 'hotspots' can become popular.


"Maybe things are about to change and Hamilton will be a new hotspot."

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Hamilton stargazer reveals UFO sighting