New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2012 -- Grand Central Terminal the world's most famous train terminal ought to be called “Ghost Central” according to New York's premiere paranormal investigators the “Ghost Doctors.” Pete & Stew Kandel's (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) sought after ghost hunting tour in GCT have given New Yorkers a chance to experience a “real” ghost hunting adventures right in the heart of the Big Apple.

“Ghost hunting requires a lot of background research into the history of the location you're investigating,” says Dr. Pete. And the Ghost Doctors who are also licensed NYC Tours Guides definitely show their ability to gather such historical data, exhibited by their vast knowledge of this Grand Terminal. “This terminal has been home to uncounted millions of commuters since 1913 with an average of around 700,000 people passing through each day, which surely adds up to a whole lot of ghostly activity to be found” says Dr. Stew.

This dynamic paranormal duo leads groups of wanna be ghost hunters on expeditions through this cavernous underground labyrinth in the heart of NYC. The Ghost Doctors say ghost hunting is as much a science as it is an art.“We give each participant a crash course in real ghost hunting, from how to handle ghost hunting equipment to even how to use their own digital camera as a ghost detector,” says Dr. Stew.

Not only have the good doctors found paranormal activity in Grand Central Terminal, so have the various groups of people who have joined them on their ghost hunting investigations. “It's really cool when people discover some strange paranormal activity especially when it's a team effort. Everyone gets really excited, it's sort of like finding buried treasure”, says Dr. Pete.

In the Ghost Doctors upcoming Ghost Hunting Tour of GCT they will place special emphasis in an area of the terminal known as the Biltmore Room. “We found some really unusual paranormal activity in the old Biltmore Room which is nicknamed the Kissing Room, on account of all the hugs and kisses that was going on there” say Dr. Pete. “People would arrive in this part of the terminal and get really “reacquainted” with one another and I guess those romantic spirits are still hanging around.”

To find out more about this upcoming ghost hunting tour in Grand Central Terminal go to their website

Ghost Doctors (, based in New York City, is the primer ghost hunting tour in NYC that actually allows participants to experience “real” ghost hunts. Their ghosts hunts can be suited for both public, private and corporate events.

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Grand Central Terminal is Ghost Central!