The process for obtaining FBI files about family members who may have been the subject of a federal investigation has just become much simpler with the help of a step-by-step consumer website: established by Virginia-based Meme Transmission Enterprises.


Did Grandpa Joe run a gambling ring Did Aunt Mary ever lead an antiwar protest? Did Cousin Gary smuggle booze during prohibition? Was Great-Uncle Fred a communist organizer? If so, the FBI may have their files. The Federal Bureau of Investigation maintains billions of pages of records and millions of files -– all compiled using taxpayer dollars.


But the clock is ticking. Recently, the FBI has begun destroying the bulk of its historic files to save space. Only a very tiny fraction of its voluminous files will be preserved at the National Archives So time is of the essence in asking for files before they are gone forever.


Get Grandpas FBI File makes it easy to get these files by guiding the public through the process of completing a request letter. The website does not ask for any payment, and most requests for FBI files are processed by the FBI without any fees whatsoever.


It is important to note that the FBI also provides Rap Sheets, which are listings of arrests and convictions, for a fee of $18, but those are different than the files produced by a search of the FBI Central Records System. Get Grandpas FBI File does not provide the ability to retrieve Rap Sheets.


Get Grandpas FBI File will help people researching their family history or genealogy, as well as journalists and researchers who want to view FBI Files. The Freedom of Information Act allows any person—except fugitives, federal agencies, and foreign intelligence agencies—to request information about organizations, businesses, investigations, historical events, incidents, groups, or deceased persons.


The FBI will provide files on living people, but only with their written permission.


A sister site, Get My FBI File, was created to allow people to get their own FBI File. A special bonus feature allows individuals to ask other agencies for their dossier, such as the Defense Security Service, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Army Criminal Investigation Command, the U.S. Secret Service and others.


About the sites:


The Get Grandpas FBI File and Get My FBI File websites were established by the noncommercial organization Meme Transmission Enterprises (MTE) for noncommercial informational and educational purposes only. Other MTE sites available include and

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Get Grandpas FBI Website Now Makes Getting FBI Files Easy