Two emails I received early this morning. Everything that is the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is kaput... at least for now.

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    Suck it, 'Bama! Flippin' whiney, selfish, tyrannical enemy of the PEOPLE. At least this site contains over 600,000 records to keep folks plenty busy while we wait to see if this POS gubment can get it all back together. Let the flow of money STOP. Let Americans be FREE to CAPITALIZE on this shutdown. 237 years ago we BUILT this nation without government aid. Today, we're ready to start over and do it again. Want "Change"? (you lunatics) - Start lobbying for and supporting term limits in all branches of your government. The tree-hugging, disconnected liberal fruit-loops can have their say and the gun-toting, meat eating, red-blooded Americans get theirs and a two-party system can be more harmonious with ONE CHANGE - TERM LIMITS.
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10.01.2013 (204 days ago)
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Nearly every government record is available to anyone, but trying to get that record can make a person feel like an enemy of the state.
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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is SHUTDOWN