Almost 50 years ago, an American tragedy unfolded. The shock waves have been felt for generations.


The assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on the 22nd of November, 1963, is recognized as the most influential murder of the second half of the 20th Century. Indeed the JFK assassination has become a cultural phenomena, in the way the murder of Arch Duke Ferdinand in the first half never has.


Forget UFO’s Earthlings, forget 9/11… The brutal murder of JFK is the well from which serious modern conspiracy thought sprung.


Some exceptionally intelligent, articulate and credentialed Americans view the 22nd of November, 1963 as the catalyst for the decline of the United States reputation at home and abroad.


These people are not kooks or cranks, and those still alive are definitely not the sorts of easy targets incompetent academics like Michael Barkun and Daniel Pipes want to attack and who figures like Noam Chomsky run from.


Here is but a small sample of people whose opinions on the JFK assassination I recommend one take a peek at.


–> Gerald McKnight, PhD

–> Niall Ferguson, PhD

–> Donald Gibson, PhD

–> George Michael Evica, PhD

–> Mike Parenti, PhD

–> John Newman, PhD

–> Jefferson Morley

–> David Talbot


While there is much pointless discussion about JFK’s personal life, the reality is that, while Kennedy was no saint, he was less of a rake than first made out. Indeed, he was in many ways ahead of his time, and the image of Kennedy as a sex crazed “Cold warrior” is a huge myth. (2)


As we have discussed verbatim here at Top Secret Writers, false paradigms are present all over any conspiracy debate. As a researcher and writer, it is my duty to try to give you, the reader, the best research and insight available to make up your own mind.


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    John Kennedy was executed by the military/intelligence sector of the U. S. government. There were many reasons for this (attempts to end the Cold War, withdrawal from Vietnam, plans to curtail the power of the CIA, refusal to invade Cuba). America has been in denial ever since.
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Debating the Conspiracy Theories about the JFK Assassination