by Peter Bella

CHICAGO, March 3, 2012— I do not usually reply to comments and rarely reply to emails about articles I write, except to thank people for reading the column. However the article on Breitbart’s death, and the murder conspiracy theories surrounding it, drove dozens of angry readers to flood my email box.

I will make an exception and reply to some of the more, shall we say, outrageous emails.

Dave P. - My question to you is, how do YOU know what happened? Do you believe everything you read too? You're part of the media, who could at any given point twist words in the same manner as "conspiracy theorists" and make it seem like Breitbart was killed by two circus clowns and a golden retriever… Just thought I'd voice my standpoint on this, without resorting to threats.

Mr. P., the circus clowns had an alibi, as did the golden retriever. The two circus clowns were in a bar trying to pick-up an acrobat and a trapeze artist. Several patrons saw them there and can attest they did not leave the bar until they were carried out, dead drunk around 2AM, two hours after the death. The Golden Retriever was out walking his human in Beverly Hills at the time of the attack.

Police cited the Retriever for allowing his human to relieve himself on a lamppost. The citation is proof of the Retriever’s innocence.

It was nice you did not resort to threats. I do not respond to them very well.

Jorge Orwell - Wow, you wrote that whole article and didn’t mention one thing about the videos Breitbart mentioned he has on Obama even though there are articles all over the web on this and in mainstream news. What a great researcher, uh hum, I mean liar, you are. They must be blackmailing you too or you are just one of them. Best of luck.

Ah yes, those videos. I just mentioned them. I hope you are happy. Calling me a liar proves the fine art of insult is dead. I could not laugh or reuse it on someone else. Pity. As to the blackmail, well there was that time in Vegas…

Roger - Considering that your article is placed in Reverend Moons paper - and he thinks he is Jesus Christ reincarnated - If I were you I would recant the stupid comments you made about conspiracies look at this  and then, if you can read follow the text below... Note: Roger describes himself as a former national radio figure syndicated coast to coast on 150 stations. He now sells advertising and blogs.

Roger, oh my. A CIA conspiracy theorist video and a lengthy article written by you advocating more conspiracy theories about two confirmed suicides and another alien conspiracy nut killed by the police who were affecting an arrest warrant on him. He shot one of the officers in the head during the fray. He was also wanted on some federal charges and there was an alert from the U.S. Marshall’s Office; he claimed he would never be taken alive.

Roger email #2 - Of course you do - Damn the facts - who needs facts - right?

Were you married in one of those mass Rev. Moon match ups too?  Do you think Moon is Jesus also?... But, as we all know, cops are hired because of their low IQ’s. Police agencies can’t hire someone capable of independent thinking to be a cop, Only mindless simpleton’s trained like dogs to follow simple commands...

So, at least now, we both know why you offer up such baseless mumbo jumbo and drivel. Try reading something other than the CFR controlled Washington Times, and try getting a real job just to see if you can hold it.  Just for kicks! But you are probably writing this crap because you are sitting around, slopping up a big early retirement pension, while your poor neighbor works 3 jobs until he’s 99 years old to pay for it. And then he’ll retire at 99 and get $750 buck a month Social Security and die 2 days later. And you feel no shame?

Roger, actually the facts are Breitbart had a heart condition, he was a workaholic, and he relished living a high stress life. Autopsies are usually conducted on people under 60 years old who collapse on the street. Not only to prove or disprove foul play, but to determine the exact cause of death for medical research and statisical purposes. I am a Catholic, so no, I never married in Reverend Moon’s church. I think Jesus is the son of the Great Comedian. It is obvious you have some hatred of law enforcement. You must have got a speeding or parking ticket or something.

You are an ad man. From your website you seem to have some well known accounts. There are over one million sworn law enforcement officers in the United States. That is one million consumers plus their families and extended families. If everyone has a trusted relationship with at least seven people that means there are seven million collateral consumers.

If law enforcement officers, or their many organizations, knew how you really felt about them they may start writing to the clients on your website and complain.

I did not retire early. I just look young. I put in almost thirty years of service risking my life, even for people like you. I feel very proud, thank you.

RS - You are a F…in...g IDIOT. (redacted)

RS, Maybe so, but I am no ordinary effing idiot, and the worst thing in life you can be is ordinary.

JM - Everyone is right to be suspicious of a sudden and unexpected death--but you defame those who are skeptical with a string of insulting images. Since you have no more idea of how Mr. Breitbart died than any other layman does, it's really pretty classless to call people "tin foil hat Kool Aid slurping conspiracy theorists."

JM, Calling people tin foil hat Kool-Aid slurping conspiracy theorists is not insulting or defamation. It is what it is. Maybe Kool-Aid was a little too exclusionary. There may be some Snapple, Hawaiian Punch, or Richards Wild Irish Rose drinkers who feel bad about being left out. Then there are those who howl and bay at the moon. I will try to be more inclusive next time.

Peter V. Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance writer and photographer, cook, and raconteur.  He likes to be the sharp stick that pokes, prods, and annoys.  His opinions are his and his alone.



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  •  Arwen: 
    Here's the problem with the whole field of "Conspiracy" theorys: because a minority of the conspiracy theorist community, *does* come up, many times, with ones that are indeed assinine to say the least, people become inclined to discard out-of-hand, ALL theories, on ALL events; and as the Zapruder Film quite adequately displays, many events that fall into the category of being open to the formation of such theories DO INDEED>>>>>NEED>>>> to be examined, and outcry raised, in order to GET the TRUTH; and since I have referenced, the Zapruder Film, I shall explain WHY I do so: it does not take, a forensic Pathologist, or a M.D., or any sort of expert, to note, that when President Kennedy received the shot to his right temporal region, his skull reacted in the manner that ANY body-part would, to a shot, that had come from the much-debated "grassy knoll"---by IMploding--a FACT conveniently IGNORED, by the puppets such as the Warren Commission.... and many such discrepencies, in many events that are the subject of conspiracy theories....much to multitudinous as to be *coincidences* that by their very existence, prove, the existence and implementation of Conspiracies,without which, they could NOT have occured at all! but, they are never pursued, thanks to the mentality, that exists in the US, that "Oh, that kind of thing could NEVER happen *here*!!! we have the Constitution, we have the Bill of RIghts!", etc, etc.....which, is half of what ALLOWS, such things, TO happen, and TO be covered up...and one thing, that I personally, learned, in my 52 winters upon this earth, is put NOTHIN, past, NObody, especially when it comes to things which allow the Shadow-Powers to grab MORE power over us....
     585 days ago 
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