By Dennis Dufrene,


There is a lot of talk of cutting the budget, and the focus is on finding money wherever the government can. With that being said, an across the board budget cut was implemented this year which affected most federal departments (DoD, DoJ, etc.) along with research facilitates such as NASA and the National Science Foundation.


The cuts came with great controversy and media coverage. However, what wasn’t mentioned was all of the simple and less controversial ways the Federal Government could save nearly $200 million per year (or more). That method would be getting rid of the 14,000 excess federal buildings and structures that are not in use by the government.


These vacant properties stretch across the country and are not in use, but are being maintained on the taxpayers’ dime. The Federal government describes these properties in this way:


“These properties range from sheds to underutilized office buildings and empty warehouses.”


However, this quick description does not accurately describe the properties. The government’s description paints a picture of an abandoned, decaying warehouse or a rusted metal building. Though this may be the case for some of the properties, many of the properties and buildings that are classified as Excess Properties are well-made and well-maintained structures such as formal research facilities and office buildings.


Properties Sitting Empty


Even though the government is claiming that they are doing their best to sell the properties, many of them sit empty for years on end while taxpayer money is used to maintain them.


In some cases, it may be difficult to find a buyer for some properties; however, many of the properties are highly desired by buyers, but the government still drags its feet when it comes to selling them.


For example, it took the government more than a decade to sell a vacant steam generation power plant located on the Potomac waterfront. During this time, the building was being actively maintained through the use of taxpayers’ money.


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