A strange, donut-shaped UFO suddenly appeared, then just as suddenly disappeared five minutes later, on a video taken from the NASA International Space Station (ISS) live stream and posted to USTREAM on Nov. 4.

The UFO video is nearly three hours long, but the unidentified flying object spotted doesn't appear until about the 1:39.00 mark.

The unusual flying object looks like a transparent ring with a hole right in its center as it keeps pace with the ISS throughout its five minute appearance.

It changes color and seems to be affected by sunlight, reflecting shadows cast upon it, and disappearing soon after the ISS passes over the Terminator, the line that separates night from day, which is clearly visible from space.

The object seems to morph into a crescent shape soon before its disappearance, effectively ruling out the possibility it is a lens flare or an object reflected out the viewing window from inside the space station.

The live stream from the ISS is regularly recorded in long segments by USTREAM subscribers, but why this particular three hour sequence was recorded is not explained by the user.

Were they aware that a UFO would appear at some point in the video? What is the object and why does it vanish after changing shape and color?

Click the link above for a look.

What do you think? Is this a genuine UFO sighting?


Source and special thanks: Examiner

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'Donut' UFO spotted on ISS live video