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    Popular the NIKE FREE3.0 barefoot running.On Nike barefoot appropriately sized 3.0 most closely imitate barefoot experience.The NIKE FREE3.0, V2 Men's running shoes have a one-piece mesh upper with simple,
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    I'm no expert, but that does not look like a human body.
    The neck looks too long, i'm not saying it's an alien, i'm just saying it's not human.
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    For years I have examined photos originating out of the old Soviet Union. Some have been very convincing fakes, took a computer to spot the flaw. However, this particular photo shows some very easy to spot discontinuties. Look carefully at the neck/head junction area. The lower head rim is rounded, like a helmet/mask. The neck color is totally mis-matched to the head.
    Conclusion: Human body with a shaped mask on the head.
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