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    The Phoenix Lights was a big ET show of force to the powers in Washington DC. In addition ET wanted civilians to see and report as they are opposed to all this secrecy.  The US government made a secret agreement with the extraterrestrials back in the 1950s in exchange for advanced technology.  President Eisenhower actually made it in person.  So the Pentagon took the goods but has done everything possible to break the agreement.  After all it is a secret so no human can make them keep it. But the ET intended to impress upon this secret government that there would be severe consequences if they did not start keeping there part of the agreement. 

    Then there is that exchange program.  It seemed far out when I first encountered it on the internet, but when I used it as a remote viewing target it proved to be true.  Twelve astronauts were sent to the Zeta Reticuli star system in 1965.  Eleven of them arrived at the home planet of the Zetas which they call Serpo in English. (One died of a gunshot wound in transit-I observed by RV.)   Two more died of flying accidents while on Serpo.  Two remained behind and are still alive there as ambassadors from the USA.  Seven of the Astronauts returned in 1978.  The Zetas encouraged them to tell us about their trip, but the US military made sure they did not.  However, they did talk to Carl Sagan who wrote a cryptic novel about this flight. (__Contact__  The book is different than the film.) Even Mr. Spielberg has become very negative about ET since his original __Close Encounters__.  


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