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    Therefore I conclude that the evidence suggests that "THE EVILS DONE DURING THE BRITISH CONQUEST" of planet earth, have been repeated by "ALIEN RACES" and that clearly cannot be tolerated, therefore I am now informing the BRITISH ROYALTY that we must "act" against these individuals who have perpetrated these crimes, and if you see any "shrapnel" in the form of "shooting stars" falling from the sky, you may indeed suspect these are "evidence of universal action" against GREY SPACESHIPS that have violated UNIVERSAL LAW, as a matter of fact if you analyze the meterorite that fell in RUSSIA, perhaps you will come to a similar conclusion!
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    Evidence continued:

    Jerry, I will mention her first name here again, claims that after the aliens first took her at age 8 on the spaceship, then they did it again in the 13th year of her life, clearly we have "child marriages" and child reproduction in INDIA and some children have been married in India at a very young age, but this is clearly not "WHAT THE BRITISH MONARCHY WANTS" who want children to be of an age where they can "decide of their own free will and choice" whether they want to have sex with the BRITISH ROYALTY OR NOT, and it is considered a "great honor" in the BRITISH REALM to be considered a "consort to a king or a prince" like PRINCESS DIANA indeed was, who sired two offspring PRINCE HARRY AND WILLIAM, therefore some women no doubt also consider it a "great honor" to start an "alien race" that the "GREYS CLAIM" are going to take over the planet once it is destroyed due to either "nuclear war" or pollution of the planet, that is where I have to again intervene and state:

    JUST BECAUSE HUMAN BEINGS ARE "SELF DESTRUCTIVE INDIVIDUALS" and tend to "kill each other off" because of their "primitive need to right and to dominate one another through military or other means", does not give any "alien race" a right to exploit that weakness for their own "breeding experiment" and we the ORIGINAL SPACE RACE will not allow such "unrighteous usages"!

    It is alleged here by Jerry, that she has been "taken by higher magic" against her will almost every time, that her body was "levitated" and she was abducted by "MAGIC" no doubt through a "closed window" and she went through that like it did not at all exist, which proves whoever these people are, that they must have "supreme power" over matter and can "dematerialize it" at will, making it in effect "nonexistent" therefore they must be "spiritual beings" who know that Matter does not exist in reality and therefore can like "RESURRECTED INDIVIDUALS" enter any home without knocking on the door first!

    TO INSEMINATE, or implant embryos for reproduction to "STICK TRACKING DEVICES" up people's noses, and to mark human beings as if they were animals, will clearly not be tolerated on my watch, I WILL SEE TO IT THAT THESE PRACTICES will be discontinued, if they have ever been practiced to begin with, because we want "good honorable relations" with the BRITISH GOVERNMENT for we consider them to be "honest rulers" who have "overcome much of their desire to rape, plunder and murder" and are now eager to protect their subjects instead of subjecting them to "murder, toture and imprisonment" like they did in the past with Mahatma Ghandi and other "prisoners of conscience"!
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    But let us review for a moment the evidence that has been presented for your "REVIEW" and I am willing to "concede the fact" that should the evidence be convincing either for or against the "IDEA OF ALIEN ABDUCTION" then we must "follow" where the evidence indeed leads us!

    Now these are the claims made by HYPNOTIST JOHN E. MACK, and I have read his book, therefore I am "familiar" with his arguments:

    HAVE BEEN SUBJECTED TO THE "MISTREATMENT" OF being sexually raped, by these alien beings, meaning they have implanted alien embryos, in their bodies and have used them without compensation for "surrogate motherhood", meaning this is a "surrogate mother" contract without any compensation whatsoever what we have against such procedures from a UNIVERSAL LAW PERSPECTIVE is that this would never be permissible on earth, such a "procedure" does in fact happen on earth, but it is always done in exchange for "money or compensation" of some type, therefore if any ALIENS desire to 'breed their offspring" in the future, they must "go through the british monarchy" and obtain permission from the BRITISH MONARCHY to breed their offspring, they must also "apply for a permit" to interbreed with the "BRITISH EMPIRE", which does not allow such unjust usages and therefore will no doubt likely forbid its practice, to which I would concur, since after all whoever these GREYS are, as they have been reported they are not "superior" to the GODS of the Universe that I personally serve and therefore they shall be "disciplined" for any misconduct under my watch here!

    2. I have read and I do not necessarily believe it to be true, but I must accept all allegations at "face value" and act on them, for the "FREEDOM AND THE SELFRESPECT" of the BRITISH MONARCHY and the HOUSE OF LORDS is indeed at stake here, and THEY WILL NOT ALLOW ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE ABDUCT THEIR CITIZENS WITHOUT "DECLARING WAR" against any "alien RACE" that engages in such conduct, I would be very surprised if indeed that was not the case, I just read, that a citizen of Canada claims to have been abducted and I contacted her to hear her story, for I am interested to know if she has indeed be mistreated by the aliens who she says have abducted her!

    As an "AMBASSDOR FROM THE UNIVERSE" that is clearly my job, to see to it, that there is no unrighteous interference from "ALIEN RACES" who come to visit your planet as an excursion, either as an "educational outing" to see how "primitive races" live on a planet that has been "conquered by the evil aliens" from PLANET KOLOB!

    This is a "most interesting spectacle" to observe for "ALIEN RACES"! This is why:

    The ALIENS FROM KOLOB are "masters of deception" they LIE, they steal, they cheat, they rob and they murder, but not in person of course, no, they invade human hosts and "entice them to commit transgressions" of the law and then say:

    WE ARE THE KINGS, we can do no wrong, therefore if we "rape, murder, kill, maim, and rob and inseminate women" we control, we do no wrong, for we are the RULING CONSPIRACY in this country and in this world therefore we can "GET AWAY WITH IT"!

    I am sure "THE BRITISH ROYALTY AND ARISTOCRACY" is familiar with this concept and call it the "DROIT DU SEIGNEUR" in french that is!
    Meaning the RIGHT OF YOUR LORDSHIPS to "have sex with any woman" who is under your dominion and to inseminate them in order to bring "further glory" to the British monarchy and to increase the number of descendants from BOTH KINGS AND RULERS, which no doubt was desirable at a time when the "BRITISH MONARCHY" was at its peak!

    But just because the "BRITISH MONARCHY" has in the past engaged in this conduct, IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for evil aliens to engage in similar conduct therefore as the "OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE" from Star SYSTEM KOLOB, I hereby now "start a Universal SENATE INQUIRY" to prove that such conduct is clearly "abusive" in its objective, it violates all "UNIVERSAL TREATIES" and clearly violates any "CONCEPTS OF UNIVERSAL JUSTICE" and "CAN NO LONGER BE TOLERATED" on our part!

    I request the "permission of the BRITISH HOUSE OF LORDS" to publish to the world, that we from this moment forward, will no longer permit such "alien infringements" on the rights of mankind to be "free from abduction, harassment and mistreatment" by those who claim to visit your planet for either:

    INTELLIGENCE GATHERING PURPOSES, and since you are a "very primitive and backward race of humans" that are governed by "EVIL KINGS" who derive their justification from MAGIC, higher magic to be exact, YOU ARE AN INTERESTING STUDY OBJECT and yes, WE HAVE BEEN STUDYING YOU!

    THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE FOUND OUT, you do tend to project all the evil, that is within the HUMAN RACE on "ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE" meaning the very thing that you do to other people, is what you claim ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE are doing, and that is indeed "MARVELOUS" to behold!

    As MR HITCHENS stated about the KINGS OF THE UNIVERSE commonly they are referred to as GODS, some people call them ELOHEIM, JEHOVAH, BHUDDA, or KRISHNA, VISHNU OR KALI which stands for the destructive principle that "devours demons" I think we may have to "activate" her again, if we want to get rid of THE ALIEN GREY INVASION" that seems to be "impacting your planet" at this time, and I would like to SUBPEONA MR JOHN E. MACK as a witness if you do not mind your LORDSHIPS since he is the only "credible scientist" in the world who has made this "a public issue" and he claims that the following strange occurrances did indeed take place:

    A woman I will use her first name here, JERRY claims to have been "abducted when she was just 8 years old", to have a "gynocological exam" to see if she could be used for "alien reproduction"! SHE WAS ABDUCTED AND TAKEN ON A SPACESHIP AGAINST HER WILL, and the hypnotist suggested to her, that she might have been "raped from behind" as well, and she promptly remarked, yes, that was the "more evil part" meaning they "raped me from behind" as well, and I forgot about that, but now that you bring it up, I DO REMEMBER, yes, they are "sodomites" meaning they did "anal sexual penetration" as well!

    Needless to say our "GOVERNMENT" has "destroyed SODOM AND GOMORRAH" for that very reason their "perverted use of sexual techniques" and trying to "force alien ambassadors" from the UNIVERSAL ZION to engage in "SEX" with the "PRIMITIVE HUMAN WICKED MEN" of Sodom and Gomorrah, we DO NOT TOLERATE SUCH WICKEDNESS WITHOUT GETTING INVOLVED and you "KNOW THE STORY" your Lordships, therefore let me just state, if we have "any credible proof" that such "EVIL GOINGS" are indeed going on, THESE EVIL SPACEMEN shall "suffer the ultimate penalty"

    meaning their SPACESHIPS shall be OBLITERATED, blasted out of space, their bodies will be consigned to "eternal damnation" and they will never be able to "bother you ever again" again, you have my word on it, your majesties from the HOUSE OF LORDS!
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    Somehow I am not surprised that LONDON would come out with this first, for they have the "most to gain" from such "WILD AND INTERESTING REVELATIONS", therefore I am not at all surprised they would give "credence" to the phenomena of "ALIEN ABDUCIONS" for it clearly serves their "personal interests" to do so and this is why! Beam me up Scotty no signs of intelligent life down here I stated once and I had a colorful individual ready to "fight me over it", and I was saved by another man who "gave him a black eye" saying he hated it when other guys try to attack aliens from outer space and would not stand for it! As an Alien Ambassador I had some very interesting experiences with "LAW ENFORCEMENT" believe it or not!

    But be that as it may, I have reasons to believe that it is time to "act" against those who report alien abductions if they "TELL LIES", or against ALIENS who abduct people and subject them to "torture, imprisonment, sexual rape and reproductive procedures" that if they were done by human beings this could only be classified as "RAPE, TORTURE AND IMPRISONMENT and abduction" meaning these things "clearly violate all human and universal codes of conduct" and CANNOT BE TOLERATED ANY LONGER BY ANY UNIVERSAL GOVERNMENT that has any respect for itself and to see to it that "UNIVERSAL LAWS" are "uniformly enforced" among the GALAXY and the entire COSMOS, now that even the "BRITISH ROYALTY AND ARISTOCRACY" have become "involved" it is "doubly important" to get these "FACTS STRAIGHT" on this otherwise the "BRITISH ROYALTY" will argue we do not have the "UNIVERSE UNDER CONTROL ANY MORE" and therefore they should "take over the UNIVERSE" instead and rule as the "BRITISH EMPIRE" as Cecil Rhodes had already "ONCE PLANNED BEFORE" for he did point out to everyone, look up the sky, see up there all these here kingdoms, I want to "take them all over"!

    THUS BRITISH COLONIALISM would spread throughout the entire galaxy and take over the ENTIRE COSMOS, it is my "desire to prevent" that from happening!

    THIS GENTLEMEN OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS, if your moment of truth, if you can indeed prove that we have been "sleeping on the job" and have not "kept the law" as GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE, but instead have allowed "EVIL ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE" to abduct your citizens, as one citizen indeed just recently claimed, and if in fact any of your "citizens have been submitted" to 'Unlawful abduction', and have been tortured, intimated into silence, overpowered by "MAGIC" of an extraterrestial type as has been reported by "CREDIBLE WITNESSES" or at least JOHN E. MACK a "HYPNOTIST" claims they are credible, then indeed it is "MY DUTY TO ACT", and to inform the BRITISH ROYALTY, that based on our investigation we have no choice except to "counter" this "extraterrestial threat" by "DESTROYING ANY SPACSHIP" within the Vicinity of this planet that does not RESPECT UNIVERSAL LAW and treats any "BRITISH CITIZEN" with disrespect or discourtesy, we will make it perfectly to all aliens who visit your planet, that before they can "abduct anyone" or invite them better stated for a "trip to outer space" they must obtain their WRITTEN PERMISSION and the "permission of their governmental agency" as well, meaning the HOUSE OF LORDS must sign off, on any "extraterrestial visit" before it can even take place, there will be "NO MORE UNAUTHORIZED ABDUCTIONS" in the future without a "detailed universal investigation" into its cause and if we do find out after investigating the case, that indeed "unauthorized use of force" as employed, then these "SPACESHIPS" will be destroyed and Banished from our planet without any further debate! YOU HAVE MY WORD ON IT, GENTLEMEN OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE and my word is my bond!

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