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  •  Joa82: 
    One word....Amazing!
     578 days ago 
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  •  Kybasser: 
    On goforitrandy's youtube channel, he now has a new 6+minute video, I've got it downloading right now. I would post it, but don't really know how to post videos here yet, but here's the link...hopefully that will help any that want to see it. I haven't yet watched it, but it was posted 16 hours ago, and it is currently 6:27 pm CST, date is 1/26/2013. I don't know what the new video shows... but just the same, it is apparently the next video promised in the above video. I hope I help someone find it easier.

    Hey, I don't think for a moment that humans are so special that we are the only life in our galaxy, much less our universe.


    PS, OK, I didn't watch the whole thing, stopped it. Randy claims Steven Greer is involved, don't know if that is true or not, but he says the creature is basically mummified. I remember one of the shows I saw that showed a creature found in MX that was very small, and in a box. Some had identified it as a marsupial, but of course that was denied by the owner. I think this could be the same creature, just straightened out. Randy says the creature is only 9 inches tall. Even for a baby "Grey" that would have to be very small given many of the reported ships that seem to be very big. I guess they could be the mother ships... sorry, joking about this. I think I'll need to see more than a few pictures, and maybe a little more reporting from reputable sites as well.

    In this case, as Mulder's poster said, "I want to believe" but I am not sure this one does it just yet. Maybe in time!

    But still, check out the video, and make your own conclusions, that's all any of us should ever do or expect from others.

     584 days ago 
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