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  •  Arwen: 
    Has anyone else noticed tho, that SINCE Sandy Hook, the US has had up to 4 incidents PER WEEK,
    of the same kind of lunacy??? George Soros, he who got the laws as presently existent in Australia, has OPENLY declared, that his 'next' Target, for such disarmament, is the US; it is my belief, given the upswing in such attacks, and the knowledge of current technologies available to those who would impose their will on ALL, to target and implant, vulnerable individuals and groups with the urge to carry out such attacks, that the final Push towards that disarmament, HAS begun
     572 days ago 
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  •  jedipeacefrog: 
    This 'article', which was obviously written by an Obama-worshipper, blatantly lies in its opening paragraph. The Sandy Hook shooting has NOT 'swung public sentiment towards tougher gun laws'. In fact, in a newly released Gallup poll, 76% of Americans believe that the current laws on the books concerning guns are 'enough', and that American doesn't need more gun laws. In another poll, done by Rasmussen after the Sandy hook shooting, 67% of America trusts the NRA more than they trust the media, or the Government. 72% of Ameicans polled stated that the NRA is 'more favorable' to them than liberal hollywood. An article written by a left-wing nut who actually believes that guns, not criminals, kill people. I would invite the author of this 'article' to explain why the gentleman in Norway a few years back(which of course BANS all private ownership of guns)managed to shoot all those kids. Any comment? Taking guns away from law-abiding American citizens does NOTHING to quell the actions of criminals. Also, I enjoyed the ridiculous statement in this 'article' that the NRA was 'harping' on Obama's daughters. How assinine. What the NRA did, and successively too, was simply to point out the rampant hypocrisy in the fact that Obama(and Biden, and Pelosi, and Reid, etc)employ GUNS at THEIR childrens' schools to protect THEM, but tell US that WE can't protect OUR children using the same methods. Obama stated last week that 'putting more guns in schools isn't the answer'...but HE uses GUNS at his daughters' schools. Do you understand the hypocrisy, Ryu Spaeth?? If I were you, Mr Spaeth, i'd be more concerned with the blatant lying by the Obama administration concerning Benghazi and 'Fast and Furious'; and i'd open my eyes and just sit down and do some objective studying of the first four years of Obama's kingship. Wake up for God's sake!
     589 days ago 
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