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  •  robinsteele: 
    here is a thought. so here we are, Obama blew off a summit with putin. I get it, he checked with his advisors and found out that nothing of usefulness i.e nuclear arms build up, civil rights , none of that would change or be talked about but,,,,,now it seems like a cols shoulder has been turned to Russia. oh well. now look at the fact that beside the many companies, real-estate holdings and the like china now owns Smithfield farms. the number one supplier of pork products practically in the world. I know that nothing im saying is breaking news however it seems to me that it wont be too far away that Russia and china gang up and kick our ass militarily, financialy, globaly. does it not scare the hell out of you too ?!?!?!?!?!
     390 days ago 
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