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  •  Heinrichk66: 

    I'm a bit late on this comment, but I saw this image on the JPL-NASA website the week this came out. The photo of this structure was taken across a ravine (see the small creek running across the middle of the photo) and it is about 200 meters from the rover.  The building is the size of a two story house and there appears to be several windows in it.

      NASA HIDES THE SCALE of the images by showing close-up photos of gravel and rock at the beginning of the series, and then slips in the more distant images on the page for that day.  There is never any distance or size comparision data given, like there was in the first rover mission, so the natural (intended) reaction is that everthing is "just a few inches tall".

     141 days ago 
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  •  dboyko: 
    Could u point where is that building exactly, pls?
     386 days ago 
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  •  Eldensword: 
    Maybe I'm not seeing this in the correct scale but...Aren't these close up photos of the ground? Should I say, close up photos taken maybe 1 or 2 feet off of the ground of the ground, making those "structures" just a few inches tall? If this were an aerial view, I could see the excitement. Does anybody else just see this as a few square feet of close up ground?
     956 days ago 
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