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    As The Third Top Level Commander In Chief Of Cybernetic Securities And Exchange, As An Internet Correctional Officer, I Have Successfully Hacked Into Russias Navy And Sabotaged A Submarine Off The Western Coast Of South America. This Occurred On March 26th 2014 At 5:04 PM EST. There Was A US Submarine Ship Located 1,968 Meters North East Of It That Went Undetected For 11 Days Conducting A Highly Clandestine Operation. Someone On Board The US Ship Named Amy, Last Named Withheld. She Flashed Her Boobs At Me Through A Secured Skype Call. This Skpe Call Was Intercepted By Some Crew Members On The Russian Submarine And There By Gave The Exact Location To Where The US Submarine Was Located At. Within 30 Minutes Prior To The Time Of Destruction To The Russian Naval Vessel, They Have Tried To Contact The Department Of US Defense 68 Times To Surrender 5 Billion 17 Million Dollars Or Face The Consequences Of Having That US Naval Ship Destroyed. I As A Private Citizen Of The US Intercepted This Message Because Cybernetic Securities And Exchange Is Way Better Than The NSA And CIA As Well As Certain Other Known US Government Programs. To Make A Long True Report Short, I Kenneth Katona Installed Malware On That Russian Naval Submarine. The Extent Of Sabatoge Occurred In Which That Russian Naval Submarine Had A Missile Port Jammed With A Super Virus That When It Was Actually Fired At The US Naval Submarine, It Back Fired And Killed 304 Russian Crew Men. Thereby Sinking That Russian Submarine. Once Again, This Is The Real Evidence Into How The West Was WON-!!! *Cheerio*.

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