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  •  dirtduster51: 
    V? not quite the same. (not lizard) like Help, where or what?? money hungry, secret societies or are we their only hope? and why?
     1262 days ago 
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  •  dirtduster51: 
    ok bull i saw. i know what they look like. the gov knows why who for what reason why don,t we?
     1262 days ago 
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  •  darkharbinger: 
    It doesn't matter how much proof we have, they will continue to deny the existance of extraterrestrial life or any involvement in a conspiracy of that nature. Look at MJ-12, have you all been convinced that it was just a hoax? I still believe it very much existed.
     1263 days ago 
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  •  MrZorg: 
    What do you think television has been about for years?
     1279 days ago 
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  •  Eldensword: 
    Little by trickles out...trickles down...not to terrify....not to disturb....not to shock....they must be feed the truth slowly. As comprehension within the average mind expands and processes increase....The facts will present themselves to those that keep up.
     1282 days ago 
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