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  •  mmarlio: 
    amazing, these people , who graduate from Ivy League Schools, cant determine who did what, when they are afraid they may be caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
     661 days ago 
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  •  Eldensword: 
    Uh, "Earth to the Accountability Department of the GOP Movement", time to step up to "Full Guns Blazing" mode and stop bantering! If the administration ducks this, what should be BIGGER than Watergate, it will be the first of many ridiculously egregious acts of the house to fly above "the people's reach". Is there anyone that really believes a narcissist like Obama and a following of dumbass, brainwashed lefties that worship him like a god will let this actually unfold? There will be something; somehow missing or removed to help the "almighty O"’ escape. Martyrs everywhere, broken, stupid, foolish followers...One great thing in all of this – We get to fry this idiot at the end of the next 4 for his disastrous time in office – No looking back to Bush, no skating about “the other guys”…Just a complete lime-light on the fact that he’s a complete joker. Under qualified in EVERY way to represent over half of this country and our ideals.
     668 days ago 
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