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    Minister Farrakhan is correct about Area 51.  The US military has moved all its ET hardware and the remains of some Zetas and Reptilians to a high  security location at Area 51. The matterial is under long term loan from the Zetas and US cannot sell it or allow companies to monopolize it.  Originally some of this technology was loaned to Bell Labs and some other military contractors for developement under the condition that it be made available to civilians and that they not monopolize it. But recently using corrupt patent and copyright laws the gobalists have been profiteering from what they can steal of it.  President Obama does not have the power to open up Area 51.  Space craft were never built in Japan although the Zetas are fond of that nation.  ET is not going to destroy the USA or any other country.  There will be no killer solar flares or killer tsunami.  ET can control these events when the want to. I report this by  remote viewing.    

     180 days ago 
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