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  •  Torva: 
    Tell us More...More...MORE!!!!!!!
     1028 days ago 
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  •  Trail-Guide: 
    And what does Dr. Zahi Hawass say to this? "Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities" and somehow the "star" (maybe because people like to see him humiliate underlings?)
    of the show "Chasing Mummies" which I did have the misfortune of watching ONCE. And that one time convinced me that yes, my Antiquities Dealer friends on th NewsGroup was correct in their observations of him LOL. I'll have to follow this one..

    BTW Dr. Hawass has been accused of covering up more than he has dug up, look up "Giza Conspiracy" and then see Hawass spin on it here and you will see why I am most interested to see what Hawass says in regard to the above statements coming out of no less, Cairo University.

     1345 days ago 
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