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    Dated April 1st indeed. But aside from that sour irony, now that they've put that out (again, same information but now what, 'formal'?), what is the correct and official way to cry out "Shennanigans" as should be - loud and clear? Over and over again they've sputtered that it's for training ("AAAAAAARRRRMY training, sir!" thank you Bill Murray brain cell still alive in my skull) and practice while over and over again EVERY SINGLE EXPERT and expert-to-be or wannabee says, with total impunity, that YOU DONT USE HOLLOW POINTS FOR TRAINING! They're 3 times the cost of target rounds and NEVER used - so say every trainer, veteran, law enforcement trainers, etc. that is asked. And what about those law enforcement officers that now cannot GET the rounds that they NEED to do their job and protect & serve? They're having to barter for them amongst themselves, trading extra vests or motor pool tires and whatnot for bullets! One town had a BAKE SALE for their cops to raise money to afford the inflated price ammo that they could no longer afford on their allocated budget! ??? It's MADNESS! So now we've got this letter ... great. How do we throw it back in their faces and call "Bullshit?" when it took them this long just to repeat all the crap they've been saying so far?
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