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    This is something I have brought up to the attention of the US government years ago on the basis of the passage in the book of revelation where it speaks of a "star or asteroid or disaster",which quite literally means bad stars, as they were once considered a "bad omen" in the middle ages, therefore after reading the book of revelation and "looking at wormwood" that is mentioned there, it would be "foolish not to prepare" because does it not state it would "turn the rivers and seas into blood" and cause people to die from the bitterness of the water?

    Now of course there are those who do not believe that "revelation" is meant "literally" but then again, are we "going to sit on our sore butt" until we get our "butt spanked" or are we doing to do something to "keep ourselves from getting spanked" on the sore butt, excuse the colorful language, but if I knew my dad was going to give me a "whipping" because of what I did, two course of actions are "possible"

    A) Cover your butt, or
    B) Ask for mercy, since the WORLD IS CONTINUING on a down ward spiral not repenting of its sins, but merely trying to hide them behind philanthropy,
    therefore the least they can do is:

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