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    Here's the problem with the whole field of "Conspiracy" theorys: because a minority of the conspiracy theorist community, *does* come up, many times, with ones that are indeed assinine to say the least, people become inclined to discard out-of-hand, ALL theories, on ALL events; and as the Zapruder Film quite adequately displays, many events that fall into the category of being open to the formation of such theories DO INDEED>>>>>NEED>>>> to be examined, and outcry raised, in order to GET the TRUTH; and since I have referenced, the Zapruder Film, I shall explain WHY I do so: it does not take, a forensic Pathologist, or a M.D., or any sort of expert, to note, that when President Kennedy received the shot to his right temporal region, his skull reacted in the manner that ANY body-part would, to a shot, that had come from the much-debated "grassy knoll"---by IMploding--a FACT conveniently IGNORED, by the puppets such as the Warren Commission.... and many such discrepencies, in many events that are the subject of conspiracy theories....much to multitudinous as to be *coincidences* that by their very existence, prove, the existence and implementation of Conspiracies,without which, they could NOT have occured at all! but, they are never pursued, thanks to the mentality, that exists in the US, that "Oh, that kind of thing could NEVER happen *here*!!! we have the Constitution, we have the Bill of RIghts!", etc, etc.....which, is half of what ALLOWS, such things, TO happen, and TO be covered up...and one thing, that I personally, learned, in my 52 winters upon this earth, is put NOTHIN, past, NObody, especially when it comes to things which allow the Shadow-Powers to grab MORE power over us....
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