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    A red dwarf based on the chronicles of Narnia, indeed could be a "possible place of life" but I do not think we "should abduct" any royalty from there after all they might turn out to be "real problems" even if they no longer have the ability to place "spells" on people, but I do strongly believe that we have enough problems with our OWN ROYALTY, we really do not want to get additional problems with other star systems, therefore I do not advocate an "expedition" to the nearest life bearing star, we never know what we might find even if either magic or "modern day science" which to some people is just a form of "magic" may enable us to do so with "nuclear and fission or fusion drives", some even claim that nuclear fusion is possible in a cold fashion and while I am somewhat skeptical, if it indeed was perfected, then the "SKY INDEED" would be the limit!
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