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Have you heard the one about the little termite that could, and did, take on a desert and turn it green?
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A test model planetary lander crashed and burned at Kennedy Space Center in Florida just seconds after liftoff.
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The launch of the first F-35 Lightning II flight here March 6 is a small step into the next half century of air dominance.
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Fast as the FastRunner may become, it will never be able to escape the comparison to an ostrich.
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A family has spoken of the terrifying moment they saw a UFO hovering above their house for four hours.
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United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice is meeting with senators on Capitol Hill today to answer questions about the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya.
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Astronomers using the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii recently discovered (pdf) a "super-Jupiter" orbiting the star Kappa Andromedae
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The Travel Channel’s show Mysteries at the Museum will explore strange debris recovered in Dalnegorsk, a small mining town in Russia’s Far East.
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As children go to bed tomorrow with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, the staff at North American Aerospace Defense Command will be busy tracking Santa Claus' global flight.
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Rendlesham Revealed: New evidence in UFO mystery
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... a UFO researcher claims that an incident off the shores of Anglesey could be the best evidence yet of an infamous North Wales close encounter.
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Nine Eleven. 9-11. 9/11. No matter how you type it – those two numbers put together invokes an array of emotions.
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Early this week I reported what is supposed to be the first crop formation in Brazil in this new season
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Freedom of information act rescued by powerful Republican
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