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Some say an area in central California is a popular stopping place for aliens.
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Something is buzzing around the sky in Denver. It has been captured by at least two videographers and has at least one aviation expert baffled.
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A UFO descended into a live volcano in Mexico, and the amazing event was caught on camera.
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Planes landing at BWI may not be the only things flying over Severn, according to
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If you enjoy hanging out with intellectual people, have an open mind, and can think outside the box, then save the date – May 18-20.
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A massive power outage in Annapolis still has many people talking Friday morning.
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How many people can say their inventions prove UFOs are real?
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Multiple reports of fireballs, meteors or hovering lights were filed from Central Texas on April 6, 2012, from four locations spanning about 237 miles
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UFO hovers over Knotts Berry Farm, wonder where to next?
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A source from within the inner circle of the Wikileaks team has confidentially leaked to All News Web the content of a State Dept cable, concerning UFO affairs...
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The radar picked up an object of considerable size, flying from Rio Gallegos toward the north. The device is unable to determine its point of origin. But it flies without stopping.
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Agent Mulder of "The X-Files" fame wasn't a speaker at Sunday's Paranormal Symposium at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
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Grand Central Terminal the world's most famous train terminal ought to be called “Ghost Central”
782 days ago · From Administrator
There was a time when UFO conventions or seminars only drew the lunatic fringe audience
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