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NASA's Mars rover Curiosity just might be the latest in a long line of Mars-exploring robots to discover the building blocks for primitive life on the Red Planet.
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380 days ago · From Administrator
An analysis of a rock sample collected by NASA's Curiosity rover shows ancient Mars could have supported living microbes.
401 days ago · From Administrator
When it comes to life across the cosmos, the universe might just be an "awful waste of space" after all.
401 days ago · From Administrator
Algae-like structures inside a Sri Lankan meteorite are clear evidence of panspermia, the idea that life exists throughout the universe, say astrobiologists.
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401 days ago · From Administrator
Astronomers are coming to believe that some of the solar system's moons might be more likely places to search for life than Mars.
423 days ago · From Administrator
Martian rocks from a crater hit by a meteorite may contain the strongest evidence yet that there is life on Mars.
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452 days ago · From Administrator
Curiosity, is about to start drilling into the Red Planet for the first time, after discovering a treasure trove of what looks like water-created minerals.
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452 days ago · From Administrator
A team of scientists from the European Space Agency have reportedly discovered an ancient riverbed on Mars
454 days ago · From Administrator
The 3.5 billion-year-old fossil could help scientists discover microbes on Mars
470 days ago · From Administrator
Astronomers have detected an alien planet that may be capable of supporting life as we know it
525 days ago · From Eldensword
Evidence of planets supporting alien life beyond the solar system will be found within the next 50 years
545 days ago · From Administrator
Scientists have found an Earth-sized planet circling a neighbor star just 4 light-years away.
548 days ago · From Administrator
Astronomers have discovered their "holy grail" - a planet capable of supporting life outside our solar system.
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720 days ago · From Administrator
SETI Live Site Seeks Citizen-Scientists To Join Search For Extraterrestrial Life
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