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A team of NASA and international scientists for the first time have gathered a detailed understanding of the effects on Earth from a small asteroid impact.
162 days ago · From Administrator
Divers working at a Russian lake have recovered a half-tonne chunk of the space rock that exploded over Chelyabinsk earlier this year.
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184 days ago · From Administrator
NASA officials say brilliant lights seen at an outdoor rock concert in Alabama and by eyewitnesses as far away as Georgia and Tennessee came from a meteor
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219 days ago · From Administrator
The 10,000 ton meteor that crashed into a frozen lake in Russia earlier this year created shockwaves so intense they endured two trips around the globe
291 days ago · From Administrator
Researchers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa NASA Astrobiology Institute (UHNAI) have discovered high concentrations of boron in a Martian meteorite
310 days ago · From Administrator
A newly discovered green meteorite, dubbed NWA 7325, may have arrived from the planet closest to the sun, according to scientists.
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384 days ago · From Administrator
A good hearty conspiracy theory can shine a sharp light on two of humanity's most enduring traits.
425 days ago · From Administrator
The extraterrestrial double whammy that Earth only partially avoided on Friday has triggered an immediate response from astronomers.
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426 days ago · From Administrator