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Are we ready for the next steps of knowledge and understanding about leading-edge and forward-leaning scientific, psychological and spiritual discovery connected with UFOs?
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156 days ago · From Administrator
UFOs over Arizona: Film event planned for ‘Phoenix lights’ anniversary
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171 days ago · From Administrator
A team of scientists say they have solved a long-standing mystery of why UFO-lights sometimes appear just before an earthquake.
236 days ago · From Administrator
The flashes and bright lights that were reported across Central and Southern California on Wednesday
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295 days ago · From Administrator
Sixteen years after a group of mysterious lights were spotted by thousands throughout the Valley, theories still swirl about what was overhead.
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534 days ago · From Administrator
Recently, ABC4 has received a number of phone calls and emails about UFOs and Scott may have found an answer as to what these strange light in the sky really are.
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912 days ago · From Administrator
It is a phenomenon that has baffled residents and tourists for more than a century: mysterious lights spotted floating in the foothills of Brown Mountain in North Carolina.
914 days ago · From Administrator
Spooky lights in a night sky have left one Hamilton resident asking if there is something extra-terrestrial out there.
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