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One thing was clear after Wednesday night’s meeting in which people sought answers about so-called chemtrails.
82 days ago · From Administrator
An upcoming conference in the Phoenix, Arizona, region next week seems to have the potential to expand knowledge and understanding
223 days ago · From Administrator
From Arizona’s Sonoran Desert in the south, to the pine-covered mountains in the central part of the state, unusual incidents seem to occur with some regularity.
235 days ago · From Administrator
For many years, stories and reports about the Sedona, Arizona, region have included claims of “vortexes” or energy streams and fields that affect people and the environment
249 days ago · From Administrator
New and possibly significant information has emerged about the 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident that involved U.S. Air Force personnel.
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305 days ago · From Administrator
Sixteen years after a group of mysterious lights were spotted by thousands throughout the Valley, theories still swirl about what was overhead.
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552 days ago · From Administrator
An Arizona witness reports an encounter on a lonely desert road with a red orb as close as six feet just west of Congress after midnight on May 19, 2010...
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Two notable UFO waves began on November 29th, 35 years apart.
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