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I am very excited to report that The Black Vault mobile APP is available for all Android smartphones and devices!
156 days ago · From Administrator
Rocket launches aren't just amazing sights for people on Earth. They wow astronauts in space, too.
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514 days ago · From Administrator
In Norway, two glowing objects have been sighted over the skies in Norway, according to a UFO magazine.
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530 days ago · From Administrator
Numerous social media web sites have reported about strange bird-like UFOs captured on camera in Mexico.
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562 days ago · From Administrator
Odd, lights glowing and flickering in the early morning sky above Cape Coral on Jan. 27 had many Florida residents reporting possible UFOs
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568 days ago · From Administrator
A UFO descended into a live volcano in Mexico, and the amazing event was caught on camera.
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668 days ago · From Administrator
The UFO footage below comes from the city of Limeira in Brazil.
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1288 days ago · From
A video clip shot over ten years ago that shows what might be a UFO of alien/extraterrestrial origin has finally been released onto the Internet.
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1344 days ago · From