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Life took root more than four billion years ago on our nascent Earth, a wetter and harsher place than now, bathed in sizzling ultraviolet rays.
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10 hours ago · From Administrator
Former President Bill Clinton said he “wouldn't be surprised” if Earth was eventually visited by aliens.
13 days ago · From Administrator
Some meteorites supply molecules that can be used as building blocks to make certain kinds of larger molecules that are critical for life.
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72 days ago · From Administrator
A rare, recently discovered microbe that survives on very little to eat has been found in two places on Earth: spacecraft clean rooms in Florida and South America.
160 days ago · From Administrator
Planets rich in carbon, including so-called diamond planets, may lack oceans, according to NASA-funded theoretical research.
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170 days ago · From Administrator
A team of British scientists is convinced it has found proof of alien life, after it harvested strange particles from the edge of space.
209 days ago · From Administrator
A group of international scientists including a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researcher have confirmed that life really could have come from out of this world.
211 days ago · From Administrator
In a new finding scientists believe the collisions of comet in our solar system increases the chance of life across it.
212 days ago · From Administrator
What if we got to land on Europa's surface and conduct something along the lines of a more in-depth interview?
252 days ago · From Administrator
How did life on Earth get started?
259 days ago · From Administrator
Lake Vostok is so dark, deep and cold that scientists had considered it a possible model for other planets, a place where nothing could live.
282 days ago · From Administrator
As proof of extraterrestrial life, one Chinese farmer's crudely built rubber alien
308 days ago · From Administrator
Mars rover, Opportunity, is driving to a new study area after a dramatic finish to 20 months on "Cape York" with examination of a rock intensely altered by water.
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333 days ago · From Administrator
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity just might be the latest in a long line of Mars-exploring robots to discover the building blocks for primitive life on the Red Planet.
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379 days ago · From Administrator
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