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Space exploration is really bad for our squidgy bodies, but you want to know the worst news? According to new research, it's really, really bad for our squidgy brains too.
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476 days ago · From Administrator
X-37B Launch: Military's Secret Space Plane Mission Now Set To Begin In Mid-November
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549 days ago · From greeney2
Never let it be said again that Michael Bay isn't a visionary; NASA's future looks a little bit more like "Armageddon" every day.
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389 days ago · From Administrator
Earth could continue to host life for at least another 1.75 billion years, as long as nuclear holocaust, an errant asteroid or some other disaster doesn't intervene
217 days ago · From Administrator
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is out of safe mode and back on active status after computer trouble had sidelined the vehicle for nearly a week
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414 days ago · From Administrator
Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe shocked a lot of people this week when he Tweeted that he had captured a UFO on camera.
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408 days ago · From Administrator
Using infrared data from the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii, an international team of astronomers has imaged a giant planet around the bright star GJ 504.
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261 days ago · From Administrator
A mystery in Quincy continues to deepen: Who is flying around the city from dusk to dawn, for the past ten days or so?
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348 days ago · From Administrator
Evidence of planets supporting alien life beyond the solar system will be found within the next 50 years
551 days ago · From Administrator
A photo taken on January 2 reveals NASA’s Curiosity rover’s trekking accross the Red Planet.
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460 days ago · From Administrator
East Coast residents were buzzing on Friday night after a brief but bright flash of light streaked across the early-evening sky
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397 days ago · From Administrator
The vast majority of the Earth's estimated 13 million species are still unknown
421 days ago · From Administrator
New program seeks to lower satellite launch costs by developing a reusable hypersonic unmanned vehicle
206 days ago · From Administrator
A national interest in UFO's was sparked, in part, by a plane crash in Kentucky back in 1948. A celebrated war pilot died while following an unidentified flying object.
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160 days ago · From Administrator
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