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Pentagon Can't Explain "Missile" off California
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The FBI still has a difficult time monitoring Gmail, Google Voice, and Dropbox in real time. But that may change soon
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An ancient Egyptian statue in a British museum has sparked debate after it was captured on video seemingly rotating on its own.
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Video capturing what is said to be a UFO over Brazil is circling the Internet Wednesday.
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You couldn’t ask for a better textbook case of a cover-up. It happened just weeks ago, and adds to one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle to solving the UFO mystery.
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The radar picked up an object of considerable size, flying from Rio Gallegos toward the north. The device is unable to determine its point of origin. But it flies without stopping.
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Almost 50 years ago, an American tragedy unfolded. The shock waves have been felt for generations.
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An Arizona witness reports an encounter on a lonely desert road with a red orb as close as six feet just west of Congress after midnight on May 19, 2010...
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Google says the FBI is monitoring the Web for potential terrorist activity. But it can't say how extensive the surveillance is.
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With cameras tilted skyward, folks claim to be capturing audible evidence of a ship hovering over the planet.
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A UFO around the sun might be linked to the December 21, 2012 doomsday...
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A secret tunnel recently revealed underneath Los Alamos has an important national security mission.
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has noted numerous references to “secret UFO files” in the various diplomatic material now held by WikiLeaks...
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The truth really is out there … according to Russell Crowe.
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